Harry’s lifelong passion for innovative technology and mechanical design was sparked by his childhood when he used to fiddle with the latest gadgets and build electric toy cars at the age of 10. New products and engineering were like works of art that spoke to both his mind and soul..


Eventually he was encouraged to join the family luggage business, where he soon realized the luggage industry, as a whole was stagnant, boring, and churning out virtually the same designs year after year. Inspired by his own imagination and product design, Harry was intent on leading the luggage industry into the 21rst century. And so he introduces the Space Case 1, the world’s most advanced smart suitcase.

Since then Harry has created award-winning travel goods that can be found in 25 countries around the world. With the introduction of the first biometric locking suitcase Popular Science named the Hey's Bio Case a "must-have" product in June 2009. That same year Hey's USA Crown XX Carry-on was the recipient of the 2009 Product Innovation Award from the Travel Goods Association, and named "Best Bag for Traveling Light" by INC. Magazine and a Consumers Digest"Best Buy" in 2010,. Oprah’s “O” Magazine called Heys' EcoCase an "O List" favorite ; and Southwest Airlines' Spirit Magazine called Heys' xCase "the bag to get you there in style." The 20” xCase was recently chosen as the official bag of the Emmy Awards.

Although Harry resides in Miami Florida he still manages to log an average of 80,000 travel miles a year, and has experienced firsthand all the joys and frustrations of travel. “I hope our affordable innovative products will encourage everyone to travel this magnificent world we live in. Because I believe the more cultures we can experience, the more likely we are to accept diversity. And only a global community effort will have a significant impact on preserving this precious planet we all share.”